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Friday, March 16, 2012

Testing Picasa 3.9

Testing Picasa 3.9. If you want to expand your photo knowledge email the CV Camera Club
Fast trip around the CV Clubhouse on a quiet morning. These are unimproved photos - sorry class!


  1. Hi,
    This is very nice, perhaps it could be slowed down a bit.

    Also, the music sound track should be replaced by local sounds of nature, such as the plaintive haunting call of the Limpkin.

    Dave Israel

  2. What a lovely slideshow, Elaine!

  3. Very nice but I agree with Dave it would be better if it were a little slower. The photos are lovely.

  4. It is just a test, now it is your turn, maybe a better one with boats and bocce, and slower.
    To change this one I would have to edit and re-up it to youtube.
    If you have a nature track (free) I would like that.
    Picasa is free.

  5. I think the photos are set to the music. You do not set the timing, the music you pick does with some of programs.


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