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Wednesday, April 4, 2012



  1. Did West have solutions to foreclosure traps and condo problems?

  2. From the photo in the PBPost, there were at least 71 other people packing the clubhouse auditorium for this event...

  3. Hi all,
    The question about foreclosures never came up.

    As for the attendance, it was 83 by actual count. This is unfortunate, as this Congressman has a new message to deliver to our Democratic enclave.

    The Q&A was good and I hope to have him back, this time with sufficient lead time to advertise the event in the Reporter and other places.

    Dave Israel

  4. I wish I could have attended this event but had other commitments that took priority. I would love to see him come back on a regular basis or one of his aides as new problems tend to rear their heads from time to time. Also we had already started to lose some of our snowbirds.

  5. Thank you for taking down Bettie Bleckman's hateful and most likely libelous post.

  6. An explanation regarding
    the removal of MY post,
    which was neither "hateful
    nor likely libeous",as per
    the prior contributor's
    statement, would be appreciated..FYI, my post
    complemented Congressman
    Allen West's,vast knowledge
    of World History, in addition to current affairs, and came away better informed,if that
    constitutes "hateful & libeous" than I need to ask
    for contributions, to establish a seriously needed MENTAL HEALTH,clinic


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