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Thursday, April 19, 2012


This Lien was filed by the Paving contractors in order to "secure their rights" to payment in full.
UCO met with the contractor today, April 19, 2012 to discuss this Lien.
All unit owners be aware that contractually required installments are being paid in a timely fashion.
UCO has requested documentation of all charges from M&M.
Dave Israel


  1. This post begs for a better explanation. Is there a difference of opinion on finishing the items on the "punch list" or is it something else?


  2. Hi Bill K,
    April 19, 2012 2:50 PM,

    There is a wide variety of opinion as to the progress and satisfactory completion on the "punch list".

    This is to be expected on a project of this size.

    Of particular concern is the fact that a few residents have caused the Department of Planning Zoning and Building to re-open a permit which had been passed. The issues cited on the re-opened permit are "parking widths" and "potential tripping hazard".

    These items refer to the distance between stripes in the parking areas and the interface of concrete and asphalt surfaces, which by contract were to be milled to a smooth transition.

    The Notice of Commencement clearly states that restriping was to be to: "As Existing"! Had it stated "to current code", virtually every Association would have lost parking spaces.

    Now, if those who raised this issue have their way, and PZB directs us to restripe to current code, this will be an expense of Century Village, you, I, everyone of us!

    I hope that those who visited this whirlwind on us all will rise at Delegate Assembly and admit what they have done!

    As to the issue of "tripping hazard", this matter was clearly addressed in the contract, and will be the responsibility of the paving contractor.

    By the way, none of this has anything to do with the lien.

    Finally I note: "Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it"

    Dave Israel
    United Civic Organization

  3. Hi Dave. Thanks for the very clear explanation about this. And yes, there are a few malcontents that continue to make life difficult for the vast majority here at CV.

  4. Why not contact the Dept
    of record,(P,Z&Bldg)as to
    whom, filed in order to revisit the original permit?

  5. Hi BettieL,
    April 20, 2012 12:58 PM,

    Dom and Rodger will indeed be visiting Vista Center today, April 24, 2012.

    I doubt PZB will reveal the names of the "dime droppers".

    The purpose of the visit will be to determine exactly what Permits have in mind.

    Dave Israel


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