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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Microsoft Phishing Scam

Hi David and fellow bloggers, 

well my husband and I almost fell for this scam. We received a call from a man with a strong Indian accent claiming to be from Microsoft. he told us our computer had come up as infected and we need to fix it. he gave us a code that would allow me to connect with a Microsoft Tech. to clean up the problems. 

We were suspicious, so he took us to another site and said to prove we are from Microsoft I will tell you your licence number, he did and it was correct, further trying to convince us he was legit!!! He was very, very convincing. 

A friend said get out quickly, she had read about this on line. My son called Microsoft. They said they NEVER; NEVER call people with this type of stuff. 

So BEWARE, they are calling and sound VERY,VERY real. 

David, I am amazed they new so much about us.. We did a malware scan and a system restore and everything seems ok.

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  1. I don't care what company calls, I don't do business over the phone unless I make the call.


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