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Friday, April 6, 2012

Vial of Life, info for emergencies

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, in cooperation with the American Red Cross Palm Beach Chapter and the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, has developed and funded the Vial of Life Program. 
This program was established to offer citizens the opportunity to compile important health, medical, insurance and emergency contact information. Fire Rescue and Law Enforcement personnel can use this data in the event of an emergency when a patient or victim is unable to speak and answer important questions that can have a significant affect on medical treatment.
The Vial of Life packet is a two-sided piece of paper that should be completed for each family member. The completed form(s) are to be placed in the plastic pouch provided and attached to the refrigerator so it is accessible to emergency responders. It is vital that this information be kept updated as physicians and medications change.
If you get the official package it comes with stickers for your window and car, so emergency personnel know to check the refrigerator or the glove box.

Printable Vial of Life Form, the print instruction is at the far bottom of form.


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  2. Thanks Elaine, Maybe we can print this in the reporter.

  3. UCO used to have a supply of these maybe the Fire Dept can provide, is that a CERT job :-)

  4. Check with Phyllis. Back when I was Office Mgr. she got them all the time

  5. Hi all,

    Please note that the form is interactive and may be filled out online.

    Dave Israel


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