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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Car Driving On Sidewalk

Well, now I have seen it all in our village. About 20 minutes ago as I was stopped at the 4 corners stop sign. I looked left to Golf's Edge to make sure that no cars were coming through the intersection and what did I see? A black Hyundi sedan driving on the SIDEWALK up to the corner. The lady turned right to leave the village. She has short blonde hair and was wearing sun glasses on the top of her head. I only give the description in the event that anyone reading this knows this woman and would tell her to not drive on the sidewalk. There were no cars on the road driving the same way as the woman. Maybe she did not know the difference between a sidewalk and a road. Good thing that no one was on the sidewalk walking or she would have run over them.


  1. Coincidentally, I saw the very same thing at the Okeechobee gate yesterday. The transponder lane was closed, but there were one or two cars in that lane waiting to get into the guest lane. A third car came along, obviously did not want to wait and drove on the grass to pass the two waiting cars. He then had to backtrack somewhat when he realized he could not get through. This car was white and not new.I could not read the license or describe the driver.
    What are these cowboys coming to? Be careful!!! Defensive driving in Century is a must.

  2. Hi Grace, I just came back from vacation since tuesday. I heard you thought you might have seen me. Well, maybe if you were in Naples. For your info, I drive a green Tuscon suv.
    Barbara Cornish

  3. Barbara I said the person had your shape of head and hair do with glasses on top of the head. I also said that you were a smart lady and that you did not have a black Hyundi car. I knew it was not you but that was my best description. Who ever told you I said it was you lied to make trouble or they can't read.

  4. I read the original post, which alluded to you, Barbara, but was as clear as a bell (at least to me) that Grace DIDN'T MEAN YOU. In fact, it seemed to me that Grace almost went out of her way to make clear it wasn't you.

    It was as if (to use an analogy) Grace were trying to describe a man, short of stature, who walked around in a rumpled old raincoat and drove a beat-up old car. So she said he looked like Lt. Columbo, the detective (played by Peter Falk).

    I loved that old program.

  5. Seems your original blog should have stayed on. Then we would not be having this conversation. But, Lanny if you say it was that way then I say, Thank You Grace. That's all folks!


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