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Saturday, May 19, 2012


How many total condo associations comprise Century Village? My wife and I are considering starting a small management company to service the needs of the building board members.


  1. Hi Jmitali,
    Don't quit your day job!

  2. Isn't it against HUD rules to conduct a business for profit in Century Village?

  3. not only is it against hud but if you read your docs it also states that no business can be run from a unit.

  4. Though the doc's may say that no business can be run from a unit, the prevailing interpretation, from Rod as well, is that no business which increases the foot traffic or creates an inordinate amount of deliveries, may be permitted. Businesses such as computer programming or telemarketing that do not produce such traffic are permissible.

  5. Funny how people are so quick to be glib, uninformed and unreasonable. Professional management is fairly inexpensive and highly recommended. I've served as a condo board president and it was was a blessing to have my LCAM work at my discretion and handle our association problems.

    Most board members sign documents that speak to the understanding of the law and thier association documents. This type of understanding comes through years of training, education and dedication to the industy.


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