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Thursday, May 24, 2012

new bus sched question

ms. cornish writes in the june reporter - internal buses are internal only --I then look at new bus schedule - internal bus #1 lists Publix but with no arrival time - am I to understand Internal bus #1 no longer goes to Publix - if that is so, good luck to me trying to get on the publix express bus to get to the store - I have been on Internal bus #1 many times when people were turned away at the clubhouse stop -no room for them on the bus.  I'm not an idiot but I am not understanding the intent of "internal buses are internal only - thank you for understanding etc -page A4----I would love to get to a transportation meeting but has always ended up that I am taking my invalid mother to a dr's appt that has been scheduled long before the trans. meeting date - thanks for clearing the new sched up for me ----I can't believe I am the only one asking this question ----but maybe I am! 


  1. There will be a meeting, Friday, June 8th at 9:45 hope you can make it. All input is welcomed. If you can't make it you are welcome to make an appointment and come to visit me up at UCO to discuss the bus route. Thanks, Barbara Cornish

  2. but I just want to know - does internal bus #1 go to publix or not? Please and thank you

  3. Mag
    Looking at the new schedule, I would think NOT. There looks to be a dedicated Publix Bus. Of course, I may be wrong

  4. yes, that bus route has been around for awhile ---along with #1 going to Publix ---confusing to show publix on the #1 route but state internal buses are internal only. Unfortunately, I have a sick mom right now so a trip to UCO won't be happening in near future - and there's a holiday in there Thanks Ken

  5. Hi Mag.
    I do not ordinarily ride the buses, but from a meeting at the UCO Reporter this morning where this was discussed, I think this is what's going on. STARTING JUNE 1, the No. 1 bus will no longer go on to Publix. Everyone, whether on Bus 1, 2, or 3, will have to make the change at the Clubhouse to a special bus that goes to Publix. In making the outbound change, shoppers will not have heavy bags to contend with, of course.

    When returning, laden down with packages, there will be no change of buses. The returning "Publix" bus will take you to the stop nearest to where you live in the Village.

    There are a number of things being discussed re the buses, which should come up at the June 8 meeting.


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