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Saturday, May 26, 2012


Thank you, Dave, for info on how to change font size. I am in Compose mode now, and, under Tt, this is Normal size.

Now it is in Large size. It was certainly never this big on my screen before.

Now I have switched to Small size. This is definitely SMALLER on my screen than it was before.

The conclusion I draw is that I need to change from Normal size to Large size, so I'm doing that.

Just a note for anyone fiddling with this: To the right of the Tt box is a box that says "Normal" on my screen. This can be changed from Normal to Heading, Subheading, etc. This mixed me up at first until I realized it apparently has nothing to do with the "Normal" under Tt. THIS "Normal" (in the box) refers to what we might think of as TEXT—as distinct from headings, subheadings, etc. I will be keeping that on Normal unless I want to tinker with headings and subheadings

I hope I have this right. I'd like to get this right for you, Denny—unless you're Mr. Magoo myopic, and it will throw everybody else off! The proof will be in what my post looks like.

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  1. Looking through some of the recent blogs, it seems as though some are in Large and some in Normal font size. Yours, Dave, and Elaine's are usually in Large size. Others tend to be in Normal size. I'll try to keep mine in Large size.


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