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Saturday, May 12, 2012


Hi all,
One of our Village Residents, for reasons know only to himself , raised issues regarding the striping of our parking stalls with County Officials. This action has caused the Zoning Director to require the contractor M&M Paving to re-stripe the Village. Since the Permit had been approved and closed, it is very likely that we, Century Village will be required to pay for this re-striping. All I can say at this point, is that potential costs are unknown; and by the way; be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. Following is the anticipated sword of Damocles which in this case, descended by Email.
RE: Decisions Regarding Century Village Paving Project

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FROM: George Galle
TO: Dom Guarnagia
 On May 8th the zoning director Jon MacGillis, called M&M
contracting and informed them that the striping needed to
comply with current code of 9' parking widths and as the
plans were submitted.
 George D Galle
Zoning/Landscape Field Representative II
Certified Arborist FL - 1339A
Certified Landscape Inspector 2008-0053
2300 N. Jog Rd
West Palm Beach, Fl. 33411
Direct# 561-233-5283 / fax: 561-233-5285
More news as it becomes available.
Dave Israel


  1. This seems like such a shame. On the one hand, I would like our parking spaces to be a little wider, if that is current code, so when car doors are opened they are less likely to hit and mar a vehicle parked in the adjacent parking spot. On the other hand, if this opens the can of worms it would seem to be doing--repainting all the stripes at CV's added expense and reducing the NUMBER of parking spaces each association has to work with, I can only imagine the problems it will cause us. It could also open the Pandora's Box of OTHER expenses Anita mentions in another post.

    This reminds me of the sign C. S. Lewis had on his desk for the students he taught: THINK FIRST.

  2. Hi Lanny,

    Have you actually taken a random sampling of a few parking stalls in your Association parking area?

    Dave Israel

  3. Everyone knows who "turned us in"! He is a trouble maker. Always is ready to argue and yet I have never heard him volunteer to join any committees. He probably doesn't even read the blog!

  4. I could not think of anything nice to say about the guy who sits in the front row of the audience at delegate meetings (referred to in this comment stream), although I tried and failed twice (see above).

  5. What a shame this has happened. To pick on small items causing all of us to have unnecessary expenses is unnecessary and self serving one person. Why? Why? Why was this done? What's his (and we all know who it is)reason for doing it? What a selfish attitude has been displayed at the expense of all of us. Concerned Unit Owner is right. He is not to my knowledge on any committee and is always ready to disagree with points brought up at meetings. Let's just hope the Pandora's box has a tight lid and can't be opened.

  6. If this is an example of his fiscal expertise I shall not try to listen to his bellowing into the mike again (what a headache). Doesn't he know code enforcement is about permit charges and FINES--money in the pot for the County … The cost of re-permitting and re-striping the village would be a large burden. Then people will show up to recommend law suits. Been there, paid for that.
    PS I measured our spaces they are 9' + an inch or two. Where spaces are small associations will lose parking spaces and they will go from nonconforming to one part of the code, to nonconforming to another part of the code. Sounds like lose, lose!

  7. I checked some of our parking spaces, Dave. Most are 9 feet wide (center of stripe to center of stripe). A couple, which abut the grass on one side are over 9 feet wide, or their width varies between front of space and back of space. One space flanked by other parking spaces was 9'4" wide--and wouldn't you know, my own parking space width is 8 feet wide! For our association, 9 feet seems to be the norm.

    It's not a problem for people as long as people park in the middle of their space and they're careful to not let the car door open as far as it can--or blow wide open in a wind. When someone has a larger (wider) than usual vehicle, one must be even more careful.

    I have to exercise the same care parking at a medical office I have been patronizing lately. It's not a big deal. It's not worth redoing the whole Village for this, in my opinion. Too costly (if we have to foot the bill), and then there are all the other possible ramifications mentioned.

  8. I wonder if the "minimum" space required is 9 ft.? I measured ours here in Waltham. They vary from 9 ft. to 9 ft.11 inches. If the "minimum" is nine feet, can't they leave it the way it is... considering that no one in my association is unhappy with the way they are now. If the zoning requirements are 9 ft, and ours is in compliance, maybe we won't have to pay???? Hopefully????


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