This Is our Village

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You may be a Century Villager if:

I made Lanny smile once, I shall try again, everyone feel free to help me out:

You may be a Century Villager if:

You know 10 people over 100 years old

You know 40 words of Yiddish even tho you are from Canada

You cannot complete Dave Israel crosswords

You know the West gate is on the South side of the village

You know what to say to a CV 'naked ape'

You hide when you see Frank Cerabino

You know what midgies are

You complain about complaining, whine about whining..

You have negotiated the 4-way when other car drivers have only knuckles visible

You know what Red Buttons advertised

You can eat a huge early bird fast enough to get to the Show

You have met a raccoon at the twilight dumpster

You wish for a hurricane to enliven the dog days

You know what is a senior six pack (a Mercury w/6 passengers)

You do not need any tropical vacations, you have it all already


  1. I know what Red Buttons advertised...I was in the photo with him in 1970.

  2. Not smiling yet, Elaine. You will have to do better than this, though I will say the video with the red button you put on the Blog cracked me up.

  3. If I did better, no doubt I would be sued!

  4. Wow, Ruth is living history. Do you think the village looks pretty good these days - landscapewise?


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