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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


As you probably know, there are those who tour the Village streets in a pickup truck collecting things being discarded in the vicinity of the dumpsters. As long as they pick up items we want to get rid of, they may be a convenience.

Several people, including myself, have left items on the ground by a dumpster temporarily that we did NOT want to discard, and have had these items scooped up before we knew it. I lost a box of tools for the car I kept in the car trunk this way. I parked by the dumpster because it was a convenient place for transferring some concrete blocks from the trunk to the back of our condo unit. To get the blocks out I had to remove the box of tools, which I left on the ground. I went around back with two of the blocks, dropped them, and returned to the car to get the other two, only to find the box of tools had disappeared. Luckily, my best wrenches were not in the box.

I’ve talked with several people who have lost valuables like this. In one instance the item was left outside a considerable distance from the dumpster.

The lesson is to BEWARE, and not leave anything of value unattended for even a minute.

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  1. We walk early in the morning and see these beauties every day. thanks for the pictures. any way to print them?


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