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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Got Trinette

I used to trek to Lake Worth to get good plants at AAA Garden Ctr. Now they have opened a branch on 45th where Palmieri's was. They have all 3-gallon plants for $5 ea. I had to have the Tibouchina bush (purple) better than a bouquet of cut flowers. Thx to Ivy.


  1. Hi all,

    The coefficient of FP&D of this item is so dense that light cannot escape from it's surface.

    Thus it meets the technical description of a black hole!

    Dave Israel

  2. They are very beautiful flowers, Elaine, and certainly not black as Dave's Coefficient of FP@D declaration might have one think. The reason for the beautiful purple my be due to a consideration that Dave seems to overlook.

    He may be leaving a factor out of the equation: Plants are in soil. Where there is soil, there are likely to be worms. And where there are worms, there are bound to be worm holes, of course. So although theoretically nothing can escape the event horizon of something as dense as this Coefficient of FP&D, some light might escape through the worm holes, thus enabling the beautiful purple color.

    This is a bit beyond my expertise, but perhaps, if they happen to read this blog, Stephen Hawking or Roger Penrose could help Dave in working this out.

  3. Hi Lanny,

    The only thing which will escape a worm hole, is it's own vermicompost!

    I hope this is sufficiently clear!

    Dave Israel


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