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Sunday, June 3, 2012


MRE - Meals Ready To Eat
EBM - Emergency Backup Meal
Do you have hurricane prep fatigue yet! The following is not at Publix
How about emergency prep stuff – this site has 3-day or more kits of MRE emergency food (no water or heat required to prepare).
check them out, see if there is anything you would like to have on hand.

See salt warning in comments.  Thanks Phyllis


  1. elaine, the mre's were brought in dury frances,jean. when area agency on aging discovered this , the mre's were removed from our distribution. it was found that they were for battlefield forces. they were full of salt which inhibited spoilage and caused constipation which prevented soldiers from having to go to the bathroom too much. they are not good for seniors or anyone on a salt free reachearch we have found that there are meals that can be stored and have a long shelf life. there are even kosher meals like that. i hope this helps.

  2. Thanks Phyllis - I phoned the company and they are in fact the same as the military meals.
    Maybe Summer hiking in Florida would need that much salt :-)


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