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Friday, July 27, 2012


We are advised by the Palm Beach County Water Utility Department that the Boil Water Alert is lifted.
Dave Israel
United Civic Organization


  1. Congratulations to Dave Israel and his administration for keeping us informed of the water main break, the boil-water advisory, and the lifting of the advisory. I was warned about the break by:
    1. A phone call from a friend
    2. An e-mail with one of Dave's" Information Forward Advisory" messages, which anyone with a computer can sign up to receive.
    3. This blog.
    4. Channel 63.

    In addition, there was ongoing information about the repairs and the boil-water advisory through sources 2,3 and 4--and I'm sure, if I had needed to call them, through UCO.

    Communication can't get much better than this. Is this the UCO president that rumor has it a few people want to unseat? This seems ludicrous in the extreme to me. If such a motion ever comes up for a vote at a delegates meeting, it should be "thrown out of court" in a heartbeat, in my opinion.

  2. David, you're the best! How can anyone complain about you. It is nice to be informed. Because of the Century Village blog, I was able to alert the residents in my building and others throughout the village.

    Thanks again for your professionalism, technology and dedication.


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