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Sunday, July 8, 2012


As many of you are aware, there is an effort in progress by a few malcontents, to get yours truly Recalled from the Presidency of UCO! They are circulating a petition and attempting to get our Residents to sign it. The Bylaws require 35 signatures in order to trigger a hearing.
I have received reports that some of these folks have been seen intimidating others in order to obtain their signature; this is of course ethically and morally repugnant.
I herewith call upon anyone who witnesses such intimidation to write a report describing this event in detail, include Who, What, Where, When...Etc. Date the report and sign it before a Notary.
Such reports will be very helpful to me at the Recall hearing.
Stand up and be counted, don't let them take us back to the good old days.
Dave Israel
United civic Organization


  1. This groundless recall will be stopped. Our delegates are too smart to be fooled by a transparent, sour grapes effort to grab power because a small and angry group failed to get its candidates for president elected.

    Advice to the obstructionists: put your energy to work on doing something positive for Century Village residents. Focus on initiatives that move us forward as David has done for 2 1/2 years. Stop making the case for all the wrongs of the past and create something lasting and positive of your own. Instead of asking, "How can I make this administration look bad?," try asking, "How can I work in a collaborative way to make this community look good?"

    And if you can't do that, gain leadership the right way: win an election.

  2. I have lived at CV for 9 years and
    I do believe that most of the unit owners are behind you and you will
    continue to be our great President.


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