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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Century Village Fish Kill

Has anyone noticed the hundreds of fish that are lying dead on the banks of our Century Village Lakes?  I know this phenomenon takes place in the winter when water temperatures drop quickly and the fish cannot adjust to the cold but I have never seen it happen during the summer months.
I may be wrong but I was thinking that the spray that is used once a month by WPRF to kill vegetation may somehow be linked to this fish kill by removing oxygen from the water while it kills the grass in the lake.  I know for sure that the spray has definitely changed the color and quality of the water from clear to dark brown but am not sure if it is also killing the fish at the same time.  After all DDT and Agent Orange were supposed to be safe also.  There are many other lakes in this area that are not fed by streams or have any natural runoff to a canal, and the water in those lakes are crystal clear.
I was just wondering if maybe we should not be using man made chemicals to treat our lake but instead use natural defenses to keep the grass down such as sterile carp which had been used here many years ago and did a wonderful job to defoliate the shore lines and at the same time keep our lakes beautiful and pristine.
Any ideas about keeping our lakes healthy would really be helpful especially if they reach the people who are making the decisions for all of us.

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  1. Take a look at the grass in the NW canal. It would be good to have a professional opinion. It is growing fast while our water is high, and is beginning to invade Sheffield lagoon. I am not in favor of chemicals for everything.


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