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Friday, July 20, 2012


As Dave Israel said to debgeller in a comment to a previous post, we can use photos you may have taken of President Obama's visit. These can be of last night's get-together in the Clubhouse Party Room or of what you saw in the Village from the outside.

We have held up the August issue of the UCO Reporter in order to be able to include a special section on President Obama's historic visit on Thursday, July 19, to Century Village. To include your photos in this issue, we must get them from you immediately, like no later than today, Friday, July 20.

Please send to Add any pertinent text, such as "Mailboxes being removed" or "Lineup of cars at the Haverhill Gate."

If anything of special interest concerning the President's visit occurred that you know about and we might not, you could also drop us a BRIEF line at But please, no later than today, Friday, for possible inclusion in the August Reporter.

We will be able to use only a small percentage of what is submitted, of course, but we appreciate your help.

It was an exciting evening, wasn't it!

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