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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hello To The Group

Greetings & Hello Everyone,
Please allow me to introduce myself:
I'm Larry, The Son Of Martin, From The House Of Bomse ( Larry Bomse )
I live in Century Village Pembroke Pines and operate the information website for our village.
Some of our information could benefit the Residents Of Century Village West Palm Beach,
As well as the Residents of Boca Raton and Deerfield Beach Villages.
We offer Free Food, 70% Discounted or Free Medicine, Free Transportation
And Free Apartment Cleaning. We also have information on the current shows at
All Of The Century Village Properties.
I have started our own blog but it's not anything like your wonderful Blog Here.
I see that i need to step up to the plate and get going with our Blog.
Youse Guyz have a wonderful Blog that i see everyone contributes to,
A job well done WPB  C.V., A job well done indeed.
Thank you for letting me into your world.
We look forward to contributing in any way we can
Providing useful information that all residents can use.
We have also added a link to you're WPB Blog on our website.
Its on the Left Side Navigation Tree, Above our Disclaimer, on the bottom of the nav tree.
Thanks again :Larry:
The Village Voice

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