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Sunday, July 8, 2012

A little story about book keeping

Many, Many years ago as a very young bride, I had a little booklet that contained about 12 envelopes with titles like, rent, utilities, food, insurance, etc, etc....  Every week I took our paychecks and divided them up into these envelopes.  When bill came due I had the money in the envelope.  It worked.

I then matured somewhat and opened a checking and a savings account.  I developed a yearly budget, divided it by 12 and deposited that amount of money each month.  The only other account I had was for savings which came first and maybe the precious little extra I might have.  This method worked much better.  Ir was easy, secure, and much easier to use.

I think the current UCO treasurer is using the budget envelope type of book keeping.  Her many different  checking accounts seem to confuse her as she has no way of seeing the whole process as professional bookkeeping would.  After her little prepared negative speech, she also is incapable of explaining anything.

I have no idea why we seem to reelect officers who have quit in a tiff when something did not go their way.  We deserve better.  We have qualified people who would do the job properly and professionally and work for the good of UCO and especially for the village itself.  This village is such a wonderful place why are we allowing a few negative people to overtake our meetings and positions of power.  We should be voting for people who are qualified to do the jobs and truly want the best for us.


  1. Love your story. Your simple explanation of immature budgeting is right on the money (literally). So is your point about electing people who want what's best for the Village. The clear thinking in your post needs to be extended to discussions at our Delegates Assemblies.

  2. I never understood how someone in the middle of their term of office could just quit and then be re-elected! Am I missing something here. I would love to have a logical explanation!


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