This Is our Village

Sunday, July 22, 2012


After a very exciting week, it is time to thank many of the people who worked to make this a successful visit of the President.

I will never remember or even know many of the background people who worked on this project so first I will thank all the unsung heros who will know who they are even if we don't. From security to the cleaning crews, there are many who went the extra mile this week.  Thank you

Now for our UCO President, David Israel,  whom I was so proud of when he got a special thank you from the President for the excellent introduction.  For Ed Black (Security Chair) who worked night and day all week, just doing what needed doing.  For Barbara Cornish who filled the shoes of four VPs.  Three being out because of illness, surgery or away.  They didn't plan to be gone this week but it happened and Barbara picked up the gauntlet and ran with it.  Eva Rachesky, whose home away from home, was invaded by aliens from the government, running miles of wiring from here and back again.  The rules went through many changes as the days went on and all of these people rolled with it and got it done. It was done remarkably well.

One of my big thanks is for an office staff that is techniclly adept.  This is such a bonus for our UCO office.  It has not been that long since we were using 20 column paper ledger books for investigation info.  For our staff to be able to talk to the government techies and understand what they were saying and then act on it accordingly is a wonderful wave of today's world.

Thank God for the rainy season and the landscaping crews that have made our village so beautiful. 
Thanks for  the paving company that made our roads good looking and so nice and smooth to drive over.  Thanks for all the buildings who take care of their associations and have painted and added plantings.  The village looks great and we have more green space than so many of the newer communities.  Thank God that we have not had any hurricanes that always set progress back as we have to recover from them.


  1. A toast... to a job well done!!! So happy to be a resident of Century Village...

  2. Agreed. Everyone I have talked to was thankful it worked out so well. It was a honor and a privilege too.


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