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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Associations permitting dogs

I have a friend who is interested in renting a condo this winter from October to April. She has a little dog so she is looking for condos that permit dogs. Would anybody have a few names of associations that do permit dogs. She would then get in touch wether with the owners who are wishing to rent or the real estate agent responsible. Thank you.


  1. dear friend of dog lover, have your friend call the uco office. they may have a list of pet friendly associations.

  2. uco never could help me when i asked the same question they said they did not keep such a list and i was on my own i would love to have a place that took my dog i'm in Northampton r and it is a no pooch zone...i have considered moving but there is no list that i know about

  3. There was a 'dog' cmte that went north in Summer, they were going to make list by asking association delegates if their bylaws allowed dogs, as they entered Delegate Assembly. I don't think it happened.
    Not my association, no, no, no!
    If you walk the N Drive at dinner time ask the dog walkers where they are from Grrrr! Espec around Chatham.

  4. I just googled "century village west palm pet friendly" and instantly found three units for sale that are advertised "pet friendly", "small pet OK" or "1 pet".

    Keep in mind that this could mean an association whose bylaws allow pets, or, an association who are officially "no pets"' but allow them in practice. I suspect that the latter condition is more common than the former. A UCO list of "pet friendly" associations, if it exists, would likely only list associations that have pet friendly bylaws.

    Not Internet-handy? Call the local real estate offices and ask them to do the legwork for you.

    I would be interested to know if pet friendly associations enjoy higher sale prices on average, and if any association took this possibility into consideration when they changed their bylaws. It seems to me that a pet friendly building would be in higher demand and command a higher price, just as "no rental" buildings consistantly post the lowest sale prices in the Village.

  5. Hi don you are right on the money. Uco does not have a list and when it was started back awhile ago it was ONLY if it was in your BYLAWS.
    Barbara Cornish

  6. dear friend of pet lover, there is a list of pet friendly associations at the uco office.i haVE A COPY IN MY OFFICE IF YOU WOULD LIKE ONE.

  7. Phyllis- can you just post the list here?

  8. Hi Don, sorry I didn't know there was a list in UCO. Thanks, Phyllis.
    I am sure Phyllis will be glad to post it or send to you.

  9. Thank you so much for all your answers to this question I had posted. Your information is very much appreciated. Helene


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