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Friday, August 31, 2012


I just received this e-mail from a friend of a friend who lives in Loxahatchee: I f you would make the call our neighbors out there would be most appreciative.
thank you, ruthie B.
REF: .....
 Help requested: 
One phone call. Details below. I received your email notification sent via the BLAST email listserv and wanted to thank you for offering to assist those affected by Isaac as well as explain my particular predicament in the event there's any aid you could offer me and my staff. 
I am Chief Financial Officer of Epona's Path Equine Rescue. Our facilities are located within the residential community of Deer Run located in Loxahatchee. 
Isaac has left our ten acres, our barns, and thus our horses, under some feet of water. In fact, the entire neighborhood is flooded, and some of our neighbors have been stranded in their homes for the last five days. 
The stagnant water has developed a foul smell. We are growing very uneasy with the thought of this stagnant water becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes and diseases. 
We have been advised that if enough people express a concern an auxiliary pump can be used to extract the water. 
We are desperately looking for anyone who is willing to help by calling the Emergency Operations Center at 561-712-6400 and telling them about the horrible conditions with flooding since Sunday in Loxahatchee. 
The more people that call, the more likely we are to get some help! 
Thanks again, Gisselle Pinares Epona's Path, Inc. (352) 215-0407 

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