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Friday, August 10, 2012

Project Runway

PBIA is rehabbing (paving) their main runway so we will get more night time noise until Nov 11th or thereabouts. We get traffic that uses their crosswind runway under these circumstances and in bad weather.
Planes are restricted from takeoff after 11pm but there is no curfew for incoming. e.g. early this morning planes at 12:41 am - damn, 1:31 am - curses, 2:35 am - sleeping pill + headache.
The noise phone # is 471-7468, but they already know what I think about the past 2 weeks.
PBIA will also send warning notices in future for Dave's Information Forward Initiative.


  1. thanks EB ---I have been walking around like a zombie and being a light sleeper and living on a corner and not so far from turnpike and its noise ---I thought -what now? And you have provided the answer ---I find myself falling asleep at some point during the day - but that's not necessarily a bad thing - just wait till the planeloads of snow birds start winging in.

  2. I used to be a light sleeper... even the air conditioner would keep my brain from shutting down. I invested in inexpensive - spongelike earplugs and ... Ahhhh.. silent night. A solid seven hours. I don't hear the planes, the frogs, the early morning jogger conversations... not even the laundry room under my unit. Try it... you may like it!


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