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Monday, August 13, 2012

Stop Political Robocalls

My phone number from my voter registration information has clearly been sold to campaigns.  

I am giving serious consideration to purposely not vote or vote against anyone who is rude enough to disrupt my home privacy.....PARTICULARLY THOSE PRE-RECORDED MESSAGES THAT LEAVE NO NUMBER FOR RESPONSE.  

I am trying a service to stop robocalls.Better late than never.  


  1. Thank you Elaine for the link. I agree. I am sick and tired of getting these calls. When my phone rings and the caller ID announces who it is, I just pick up the receiver and hang up. What happened to the "DO NOT CALL REGISTRY" that I joined a few months ago. I guess it doesn't include political phone calls. It's truly annoying.

  2. I'm with you ---I sent an email to a candidate who had the audacity to have his org. send robo calls on Independ. Day ---how offensive can you get? I can't decide which I most detest - the robo or the live "volunteers" who call when I have distinctly said - yes to the same person as I recognized the name ----do not call - I told you that last week ---and the waste of paper in the mailbox ----campaigning has gone amok ---there should be a 3 month time limit on the assault on the publix ---no robo calls, one piece of mail per candidate ----sorry I am running off at the cybermouth
    Add to that mess, those people who proclaim they don't like any of the candidates so they proudly boast they do not vote!

  3. I'm receiving more political calls during this campaign period than ever before, too, and I agree they are annoying. I'm glad it's not like in the old days, though, when there were no telephone answering machines and no caller ID. Those two things save me.


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