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Monday, September 24, 2012

Grass Along Lake

The grass along the lake looks horrible.  I know I heard that the grass wasn't being cut 5 ft. from the lake but it is definitely more than 5 ft.  I have complete lake view from my condo and it is not a pretty site.  Even looking across at the clubhouse looks shabby.  I don't think this is a very good idea.  Having the grass so long can create ways for snakes and other critters to move around without being seen.


  1. Yeah, it takes a little getting used to, and the snake thing is no joke. My Brother was carrying his little boy out back and the baby pointed to the ground and said "ssssss". My brother looked down, saw a big snake and ran like his ass was on fire. That's Florida.

  2. If the situation gets critical enough in the grass fringes, with enough different critters making a home for themselves there, we could always call in Turtle Man. In the last TV episode I watched, a NASCAR driver paid for Turtle Man and his buddy to fly to somewhere and arrive by limousine. Perhaps we could scrounge up the money to have him come here and set him to work. He could probably get four or five additional programs out of the Village: a rats-in-the-attic episode, a raccoon-in-the-dumpster episode, maybe even a stray-pooping-dog episode. The last program in the series here could be an alligator-in-the-lake episode.

  3. Hi don4060,
    September 24, 2012 8:25 PM,


    I am shocked to hear there are snakes in Century village.

    Dave Israel

  4. Enuf with scaring people, you know that the grass is grown to protect our $millions of geotube around the shoreline, also it reduces pollutants and fertilizer which are contaminating our water. The town of Celebration and our own Water Co use yellow cannas around the water's edge, see PBCWUD property in NW Sussex corner of CV. Better developments and town parks also have littoral plantings: Ironhorse and Grassy Waters, and Howard Park downtown.
    Congratulations to CV on becoming more environmentally conscious.
    If you are not up to date on this you can read Dave's Information Forward Initiative - Shoreline Restoration - Shoreline Preservation, Engineering Report 8/20/2012.

  5. Elaine! It's nice to see you on the Blog again! Hope you're feeling better. I really want to get this Turtle Man here and hear his war whoop.

  6. Lanny, I prefer Billy the Exterminator, if you search 'Billy Bretherton exterminator fashion photos', you will get the full effect (no war whoop).

  7. And they are not all in the grass, Dave.

  8. I happen to agree with Kathy with what disturbs her. I am sure that the high grass also holds a large variety of insects which would not be able to survive if the grass were to be cut to a uniform height along with the rest of the grass.

    It seems really strange that the grass remains high on the land side but that the grass along shore side is killed by spraying it from a boat with grass killer.

    What a waste of money.


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