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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

hdtv/comcast question

a friend wants to give me an HDTV - I have what I call a regular tv now with comcast regular digital cable package with some extra channels ----digital converter box ----and the little box for the tv in bedroom ----before I call comcast - I would like to know the correct answer so comcast doesn't try to sell me something I don't need -----will I need to get a some sort of new hdtv box ----or can I just use the new hdtv without changing the box I have?  I am not such a tv geek that I am concerned about upgrading anything - but my friend insists my current tv is just too small a screen considering my bad eyesight and wants to do something nice for me ---thanks, hoping my garbled explanation makes sense


  1. Hi Mag.,

    The Box that was included in our Comcast contract is not an HD (High Definition) box, so it is not capable of delivering HD to any TV.

    It will work with your new HDTV but will produce only SD (Standard Definition) video.

    If you actually want HD, you will need an upgraded box, for which there will be an additional monthly fee.

    Dave Israel

  2. thank you Great Master of all Comcast Knowledge ---much appreciated - I thought so ---but your confirmation cinched it. We are so fortunate to have you ruling our roost ---the gods smiled upon us when you won the election. As always you are quick to answer -

  3. I agree with Mag. I think David is doing a superb job. My friend who lives in Cypress Lakes in Lake Worth got the HD box for free. I'm surprised that It's not in our contract as our village is much larger. I guess they have a better contract than we do.

  4. I have a house in Cypress Lakes in West Palm Beach which is not affiliated with any other Cypress Lakes development and nothing is free. If a few channels are HD they will be received if you have an HDTV.

  5. I made a mistake I meant Lucerne Point in Lake Worth not Cypress Lakes. Mea Culpa.


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