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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Every year up north the leaves start to turn color and the snows start to accumulate. Here in Century Village neither one of these phenomenon occur. We do have a yearly event though..... the election of UCO officers and executive board members.
Yes the time is here to send me, via e mail, your bios. This year we elect two vice presidents and ten executive board members. All bios, without exception, must be sent to me at my e mail address........ I will acknowledge receipt of it. If you do not get a receipt, try again.
The maximum number of words is 250 with the following guidelines:
     Name and address
     UCO and village exprience
     Related qualifications.
Remember executive board members must reside in the Village a minimum of nine months each year, you must volunteer to serve on two committees and membership in UCO must be current. Officers also must be a current member in UCO and be domiciled in Century Village for not less than nine months each year.
It's never too early to send your information to me. If you have any questions, do not hesitate mailing them. Instead of complaining about what goes on in Century Village (for or against any issue) become an integral member of the executive board or a vice president and be instrumental in being heard.
                                       GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!!!!
                                                                                             Roberta Boehm-Fromkin

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