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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wi-Fi surveys still needed

I just want to let everyone know that the Wi-Fi Ad Hoc committee is still looking for more surveys to be completed and returned.  The surveys were not just for getting the item added to the budget but to help the Ad Hoc committee for the Wi-Fi to br able to bring in the service that best fits the needs of the community.

Copies of the surveys are available at the Clubhouse, at Hastings, at UCO and via this blog.  They can be turned into UCO or e-mailed to 

Just a few things to remember.  The survey must be completed for each unit not one for the entire building or association.  We received a couple surveys that stated their building had been surveyed and all wanted to say one thing but individual surveys have come in from the same building that are of the opposite opinion.

We also need a unit address at the top.  If there is no unit named, it does not help us in providing the best service.  We need to know where the high usage areas are to start so that we can bring in a system that handles the needs of today while also planning for the future.


  1. email me a copy of the survey if you don't have one from me 254 Sheffield K


  2. Clarence you are the only person from your building that has filled out the survey. If you could get others to fill them out and turn them in that would be a big help.

  3. The survey is available in the side bar of this blog.

  4. When I print from the sidebar the boxes are misaligned and cover some words. Thx.


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