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Monday, October 22, 2012

Wi-Fi surveys

It appears that surveys from more than one building have been misplaced.  Let all know that they can contact and check on whether their survey was received or to reply to the survey questions.  Any surveys sent to that e-mail will receive a reply stating that it has been received. 

So sorry for the inconvenience. 


  1. Why not just publish the associations that you have misplaced the surveys and make it easy!

  2. not sure which associations are missing. Just when I published my last list I was contacted by several stating that they had turned in surveys and there were none counted for their building.

    The other thing is that as I have been working through this, I have found that there are several surveys that have no address or only a unit number without the building at the top. One of the ones with a number at the top has matched up with one of the people that couldn't understand why their building had no surveys listed when they had turned one in. With no building name at the top, I can't put it in the listing by building.

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