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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Delegate's Meetings 2012

Why have our delegates meetings degraded into hateful, personal attack acrimony?  This is so humiliating and unnecessary.

When a motion is made or a budget reported on, why do we need to hear the history of the world as an introduction to a business topic?

The procedure should be:

Motion, second, discussion.

A person against the motion should say in 50 words or less, I am against the motion because………..      Then    

The President or an officer should say: I am for the motion because …… and succinctly explain the research and rational that has gone into publishing the motion.

An active issue should allow several speakers but when the speakers are just repeating what has already been said, it is time to vote.

After the vote, we should accept it and move on.

I think we have all been driven crazy by the negative, untrue ads that have been a part of this campaign season.  We should not emulate this practice, we should remember that we are a community and we will have different opinions but we should be on the same side of the ultimate goal.  The good of Century Village is the important goal here.

The one political ad that I have enjoyed this year is one of Bob Nelson’s telling about flying up into space and seeing the whole earth as a whole entity, not political, racial, religious or other divisive blocks.

We are better than what we have become.  Just watch Ken Graff’s pictures and interviews of our centenarians.  You will see some of the good.  Century Village is a wonderful place, let’s let the good be seen by Frank Cerebino and all the world.

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  1. Hi All,

    The most incredible observation at the Delegate Assembly Circus is that when the "Usual Suspects" come to the mic. and spew their exhortations, disinformation, absurd statements, badmouthing,...Etc., There are those in the assembly that applaud the show!

    I sincerely hope that the abominable behavior of a few rude malcontents is kept in mind at the UCO Elections coming in March 2013.

    Do not reward these disruptive people who bring nothing to the table but outrageous rhetoric. Do not elect any of them to any UCO Office.

    Dave Israel


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