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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Back to the 1970s

Why are members of UCO committees (especially the Executive Board) starting their own independent groups? This is the way the village was before 1980 and the formation of UCO. Per Philip Sokol at that time “there were narrowly based groups which, while certainly well-intentioned, inevitably competed with each other, with all the attendant hostilities and personal animosities resulting from such competition”.
Working for the common good, cooperating and being productive at the Executive Board would be better than this.
But, its a free country so start your own group, give yourself a title, tell people anything you want, divide the village, and fill the lawyers' pockets.


  1. Back in the 70's when there was a split into two groups -- one in favor of CV Management and one against -- friends were at odds and residing family members didn't speak to each other as a result. Don't let this happen again

  2. Excellent point Elaine! No one who cares about the future of CV should pay attention to these silly groups with nasty unhappy miserable (are those enough adjectives?)people--primarily just around as anti-Dave people.

  3. Sadly, there are many people in the world who decide to be obstructionist rather than cooperative. They thrive on resentment and conflict. To try to recall David Israel is absurd: he has brought us ino the electronic age, protected our finances, improved the infrastructure and works 7/24 on our behalf.I fear that some who were unable to get themselves or their friends elected to office legitimately have figured out the only way in is through the back door. You don't like what David or UCO is doing? Express your concerns intelligently and without the rancor that has turned people off. And run for office in a year when David's term is up.

  4. Part 1 - My thoughts on the issue....... A little 'long winded' and maybe a little 'dis-jointed' ....... All meant as constructive criticism!!!!

    Unfortunately there appears to be teams setting up. I am a new owner in Century Village and have followed this blog since mid June and attended the Delegate Assembly meeting in November. I have learnt a lot on how 'not' to do certain things in this short time!!!

    We all must learn to be sensitive and understanding to the fact that not everyone understands the full Delegate Assembly meeting process, not everyone is a good speaker, not everyone has the confidence of strong leaders. Many are meek, many are nervous, many are the silent type, many won't put themselves in a position of turmoil, many don't know how to formulate questions, many get the jitters before speaking, many may even tremble when speaking in public, many have never spoken into a microphone and many would rather not speak and/or be condescended upon or belittled in private or in public. Can't understand that!!!!!

    On the other hand many are great orators, many know how to control discussions and many like to quote their credentials or their prior positions in life before or while speaking (eg. I was president of company X, I was a chartered accountant, I was an engineer, I was a doctor ........); they must tone this down and accept the fact that this probably was the past and they are no longer greater, more powerful nor smarter than others who may have been a housewife or bricklayer ... all their life (not meant as demeaning). They are just their equal in Century Village and in life.

    All that being said it doesn't matter who you are, it doesn't matter who you've been, you are human and no better nor less than anyone else. Everyone must learn to respect one another. We are all just trying to live our lives with what we were given; all while trying to the improve the CV living environment in a controlled financial world!!

    At the meeting I attended, I saw The President 'rightfully so' cut people off. They were condescending to him and the process (they must also learn to control their emotions). But he must not 'hog' the discussion or floor, because he has control of a microphone. Some would say that he (as President) should better control himself. I would agree, but it is easier said and not always easily done when under fire.

    The meek don't have the power and know how to deal with an 'out of control' person addressing the microphone nor the President being rhetorical after being insulted; one must be sensitive to them, they have a point to make and have the right to make it. They may have fantastic ideas, if people only gave them a chance to express themselves.

    They often wish they could speak without being belittled or getting lambasted with 'out of order', 'bring the subject up later in proper context' or 'what are you talking about?' etc...... Often no action is taken to what the Board and/or Chair interprets as trivial, the subject is dropped and/or the meeting abruptly adjourned (as I witnessed in the November meeting). This negatively affects the individual, a HOA and/or its representative (Delegate) trying address what they deem as an important issue for their condo (HOA) or their want to positively contribute to a democratic management system.

    I firmly believe the 'Delegate Monthly Meeting' format, agenda input and control, structure, decorum, microphone control, quorum count and control when Delegates attend and/or leave meetings, layout and insubordinate attitude control mechanisms need to be reviewed and revamped!!! You would never catch me trying to address an issue in the present environment, too much bullying!

    Continued, please read - Part 2

  5. Part 2 - My thoughts on the issue. (cont'd)

    Why would a person want to take on a position of responsibility within their Condo Corp (HOA), only to be belittled at a UCO meeting?

    The President and/or various speakers have also hurt many Delegates and residents by not supporting the 'Golf Course' issue, being constantly negative towards their concerns, wants and/or needs and this has caused friction. It's not easy being a leader, we must often make hard decisions, try not to make them based on our personal convictions, likes and/or potential personal gains; but they must be based on the wants or needs of the majority (democracy). I assume this decision was based upon the majority's desires? Leaders decisions don't always please everyone (including me); but everyone must remain sensitive and not take a combative attitude towards others concerns and wishes just because they 're different than theirs. Some may feel compelled to continue the battle to try and win on the 'perpetual golf course issue' - who knows what hard work can accomplish?? Others may want to see Development progress!! So be it !!!

    I believe the action that is being taken by a group of Delegates against the President is out of frustration. I believe they would only like to return to a discussion forum which is more civil, calm, humane and controlled (as it was intended). Even the comments I read on this topic in this blog raises the issue of 'them' and 'us' camps. We shouldy all chill-out and put a little water in our wine and try 'compromising' and stop belittling one another (no matter if you are in charge, wish you were, a don't care rebel rouser or just a plain everyday commoner like me in this camp.)

    Even those taking the action against our President know that he is a good leader with a skill set envied by many. From my perspective he is definitely a hard worker and done a lot for C.V. and is bringing the complex (as a whole) as well as our technology up to what many complexes and/or communities can only envy. He probably has made some mistakes, had poor judgement at times; but haven't we all? I'm sure he has eaten humble pie in the past? He must willfully be taking all this punishment and pounding, because of the large corporate CV salary (joke) or he is a brute for punishment?

    I don't have the answer to the present problem/issue, but a calm person, a leader or a good mediator should try to mediate the issue by talking to both sides. Focus on resolving the issues as opposed to attacking the 'so called' other side. Try and find a solution; I, for one, would not like to loose this good and hard working leader.

    STOP the mud slinging - Enjoy Life and Talk to one another!



  6. Dear Mr. Monette,
    I have been away and so haven't been at the last two delegates meetings, but I have been at a number of them. I believe you are correct in saying that many delegates feel intimidated at the meetings and am glad you point this out. It may be because they know little about how the Village "works," because they are naturally shy, or because they feel overwhelmed by the rancor and by those who monopolize the time.

    I think, however, you misrepresent Dave Israel when you say: "The President and/or various speakers have also hurt many Delegates and residents by not supporting the 'Golf Course' issue, being constantly negative towards their concerns, wants and/or needs and this has caused friction." Dave has hardly been "constantly negative towards their concerns [the concerns of those opposed to a development]." From all I have heard Dave say, he is AGAINST replacing the former golf course with a housing development (and has thus been WITH the golf course Ad Hoc committee in this). What he has been against has been FORCING EVERYONE IN THE VILLAGE--WHETHER THEY ARE PERSONALLY AGAINST THE DEVELOPMENT OR NOT--TO PONY UP IN ORDER TO PAY THE HUGE ATTORNEY FEES REQUIRED TO GO ON FIGHTING MR. WALDMAN.

    I don't mean to speak for Dave. If I am incorrect in what I've said, perhaps he will correct me in this blog.

  7. Well said Lanny, a Board of 300+ Directors cannot be run loosey goosey. I will add to my opinion in another post. Paul is correct that not everyone understands the full Delegate Assembly meeting process.

  8. bad enough the inappropriate and intimidating letter received from one assn prez ---whom I shall refrain from naming -insinuating we need to cough up $$$ - that on top of the backbiting, contentious attitude of many of my neighbors regarding the low level assn board election---person not running because they are concerned for the welfare of the assn ---but because they don't like the current directors who have been doing the grunt work for the past year and years before that ----easy for those who enjoy the sun and then go home to bash the drones who remain and endeavor to make CV the paradise everyone refers to ---same petty people at level one just grow exponentially and become big time flies in the ointment ---what a headache ----when life could be so enjoyable - all you sour grape people out there - humbug on you. You cannot ever comprehend how much progress has been made with Dave I. You don't have to agree with him on every this and that - but the plus side of the paper overwhelms any negatives.


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