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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


In the event, this article is not able to be included in this month's UCO Reporter, I am taking
the liberty of posting it here, on the Blog.

Our First Thanksgiving Day dinner, was considered to be quite successful by most standards.
The attendance was high, food delicious, entertainment by "Solid Gold Revue" ( Dolores &
Tommy Caruso) superb, along with their Guest singer, our own Norma Lukas, who many
moons ago, sang professionally, during the Big Band Era.
Of course there were some glitches, of which my committee had no control over, due to
miscalculations on the part of the caterer, but all in all, a Good Time was had by most!
After all expenses were calculated, we ended up with a net profit of $505.00...primarily
due to our Volunteer's seeking out shops who offered deep discounts on table decorations,
printed materials ( Holiday Poster, table ID's) as well as an adjustment on our catering agreement.
Since our Community supported this event, and Yes, our Committee too, contributed not only
their time, but their $20.00 as well ( No Free-be's as rumor has it) we concluded we have a
shortage in kitchen equipment, namely Coffee Urns & Water dispenser's and would therefore
purchase & donate 2 - 100 cup Westbend Commercial Coffee Urns, to be used exclusively
in our Party Room, for our Residents, by any and all clubs.
VP Eva Rachefsky, of WPRF was consulted and informed and by the time you read this,
they will be in service ( as of today, 12/19/12)
As for the balance ($212.52 that too will be used for any additional kitchen needs.
My sincerest appreciation to VP Eva Rachesky, her staff, Noreen & Marge, their cleaning
crew, our Security Guards, Capt. Al, his staff on duty and last but not least, My Exceptional
Dolores Caruso - Decorations & Entertainment, Olga Wolkenstein & Sonia Goldberg -
Catering, Cindy Reavis, Mimi Nosenchuk and Natalie Hauptman, who handled Reservations.
Suzy Brynes & Tom Ziccardi ( who just stepped up to the plate, as he is known to do) and
my co-chair, Marilyn Pomerantz.
Bettie Lee Bleckman.

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