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Monday, December 3, 2012

WI FI Updates

With many of us anxiously awaiting the arrival of WI-FI in C.V., I was hoping one of the folks spearheading the effort could provide a link on the blog's sidebar that would keep us up to date as the process moves along. I know that hundreds of us are looking forward to its implementation. Providing the most current information will keep us all in the loop. Thanks. Ed S.


  1. There will be regular updates in the UCO Reporter. Also you can always e-mail and ask for an update at any time.

  2. What is the update, Anitra? We could all benefit if an update was posted regularly on the blog.

  3. Perhaps a "cut and paste" from the UCO reporter to the blog. I just went through the 50 pages of the Reporter and could not find any information on WI-FI.

  4. May I suggest that if you are interested in an update on the WI-FI you go to the Delegates meeting this Friday December 7th and ask the question? I am sure that you will get an up to date as far as known.

  5. That would be great. But I am in New York until the end of January.

  6. I will be at the delegate meeting before and after at a table set up with some information.

    There is a large article in the December paper answering some of the questions.

    When the January Reporter comes out there is an article giving some of the updates including a tentative timeline of dates for the next few steps. The final steps will be dated as some of the first ones progress.

    The first date is January 15 when all surveys must be in.

    The second is February 1 when the RFP is sent to the interested vendors to start receiving proposals. The RFP outlines the requirements we are expecting from the vendors so that it comes in usable.

  7. Thanks so much for the information. It seems like the project is moving in the right direction. I could not find the article in December's paper. Could you tell me what page it is on?

  8. Hi ejs2283,
    December 11, 2012 8:56 AM,

    There is an article on WiFi in the December UCO Reporter on page A27.

    There will also be one in the January paper.

    Dave Israel


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