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Thursday, January 24, 2013


The following message was read to record at the Board of County Commissioners hearing on January 24, 2013
President’s message Re. Reflection Bay
January 24, 2013
By: Dave Israel
Nearly eight years have elapsed since we first became aware of Drew Waldman’s intention to develop residential housing and commercial enterprise on the golf course property which is co-located with Century Village. Since then it has been clear that the great majority of our residents, your constituents, are opposed to this development, despite the fact that a relatively small number are in favor.
Today we are gathered for the denouement,  a sober well deliberated vote of our first line legislators, our Board of County Commissioners. I come today as the President of UCO, and as such, I come to represent the greater majority in my fiduciary role, and say that “we” are opposed to this development, and I suspect unalterably so.
We ask that you uphold the plat restriction “to remain for golf course purposes only, in perpetuity”! We ask that you consider the plea of our senior citizens to uphold and maintain the recreational green space that virtually all residents purchased here in anticipation of. We consider it your fiduciary responsibility to do so, out of respect for our need for security, peace and quiet, and maintenance of our escape from the hustle and bustle of the outside world of traffic, children, and pets. We have worked long and hard to get here, and it is not right that you take it away in the name of mere financial enterprise.
We will not be moved by Mr. Waldman’s bulldozers, and if necessary, our voices will be heard in the Courts of the land, in Tallahassee, and if necessary beyond. So, today, strike a blow for your senior constituency, say no to all initiatives brought by Mr. Waldman today and prevent unbridled development of our open, green, recreational space.
Dave Israel

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