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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This is it....the last message this committee will be publishing in the UCO REPORTER this year. The UCO Delegates meeting of February 1st is the very last time you may be included on the 2013 slate. Two vice president seats are available as are ten eecutive board seats.
You may be nominated by a delegate from the floor. The nomination is then seconded by another delegate. At that time the nominee will be asked if he is willing to serve and must agree to abide by the requirements for the position.
The requirements to serve are as follows: Nominees for the Executive Board must live in Century Village nine months of the year and agree to serve on two committees. Nominees for Vice President must also reside in Century Village nine months of the year.
Bios must be sent to me via e mail ( Friday, February 1st. If you do not receive acknowledgment of your bio, call me at 561 712 0259. Ken Graf and Howie Silver will be available immediately after the meeting to take your picture for the REPORTER.

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  1. Hum... Just a comment like that . 9 months... And what about people living here 5 or 6 months?


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