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Monday, February 25, 2013

300+ Pet Lovers


Hot time in the Clubhouse last night, PAWS-2-HELP fund raiser, dinner and 50s-60s dancing, jeans and saddle shoes and CV glitter. Approx 300 pet lovers kicked up their heels and with help of exceptionally generous organizers, gave over $3,000 to PAWS-2-HELP.


  1. why no mention of this event anyware?

  2. It was sponsored by the Country Western Club, they had flyers for bulletin boards since December and CV people out selling tickets. Providing dinner would limit the number of tickets, it looked sold out to me. I was just a casual observer, do not have details. Apparently has a number of volunteers in the village.

  3. Paw2Help had a lot of volunteers but so does Peggy Adams. The fact is that there is an employee from Peggy Adams living in the village. I personally was a foster parent for Peggy Adams. I have bottle fed kittens until they are big enough to eat on their own and then hand them over to other fosters that didn't have the time needed for bottle feeding.

  4. To Anony 1 - This EVENT ran in 2
    editions of the Reporter...I
    inserted it and yes in fact it was
    AN 'OVERSOLD' Event...their original goal was to sell 200,
    they far exceeded that limit and
    adjustments were made accordingly.
    It was most successful on all accounts.
    Bettie L Bleckman
    Entertainment News UCO Reporter.


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