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Saturday, February 9, 2013


003x000 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.
The Board of Inquiry began the hearing at 9:30AM. At approximately 10:30AM, after only three of nine charges had been discussed (circa 52 minutes into the video), all three Complainants got up and walked out!!
Since both Complainant and Accused are present, according to the UCO Bylaws, by invitation, rather than by mandatory decree; the hearing continued to its conclusion.
No impeachable offense was found by the Board of Inquiry!!
The matter of Removal from Office, now goes to the Delegate Assembly!
Dave Israel
United Civic Organization


  1. Right and proper, thank you Inquiry Board for your guts and gutting it out.

  2. Let me define 'ignorance'. It is the lack of knowledge in a particular area. In the case of officers of PUC they constantly show that they have not paid attention to the activities of UCO, the many professionals including engineeers and lawyers who assist UCO, our Bylaws, Procedures of a Board of Directors (Delegate Assembly), and Roberts Rules,
    They claim things have not been done because they have not followed the meetings, news, minutes etc. They come from their blame sessions and claim their inattention entitles them to have their own rules.
    e.g. if they do not read a UCO Reporter article they claim they have not been told anything.

    My job of scanning UCO documents has given me too much accurate knowledge of village history. Therefore, I could not listen to the confused crud being bandied about this morning.

  3. Was the issue of the petition, and the sketchy nature of many of of the signatures appended to it, discussed?

  4. I cannot imagine that the Delegate Assembly, if they are of sound mind, will vote to remove Dave from office when the issue is presented to them. He is an excellent president and his blog gives the Village volumes of info that they would not otherwise have. Way to go, Dave!

  5. I cannot imagine that the Delegate Assembly, if they are of sound mind, will vote to remove Dave from office when the issue is presented to them. He is an excellent president and his blog gives the Village volumes of info that they would not otherwise have. Way to go, Dave!

  6. Dave...GREAT NEWS !!! Maybe now these JERKS will be quiet. You have done a terrific job as president don't let anyone tell any different. It's too bad we have so many malcontents among us. I'm sure that at the delegate assembly you will be cleared of charges. Keep the faith Dave. 100 % behind you.

  7. I also attended the inquiry... and I just want to acknowledge those reasonable, intelligent and non-judgemental folks who were selected for this task. Kudos to all of you. As best as it can be said, job well done. I felt very well represented. Thank you.

  8. The three stooges once again got the attention they are so hungary for.
    They satisfied their hunger rather quickly after George made in clear there would be no nonsense.
    The last we saw was their exit.

  9. David:

    It is a mortal sin what the trio
    of bastards are trying to do to
    you especially since the day you
    took office of President of CV
    You have proven what a great,
    extremely intelligent man you are
    and I am sure that the majority of
    owners at CV will agree with me
    that you are one of the greatest
    Presidents CV has witness.


  10. These people are malcontents, have nothing more to do with their lives than to nit pick and grumble about everything.

    They will never agree with anything Dave does?

    It is getting tiresome to listen to the same old rehashed accusations..

    Dave has done a great job of bringing information and communication to the village,

    Delegates are too smart to be fooled by outright lies and distortions. and recognize groundless, hateful attacks.

    Hang in there... common sense will prevail.
    Delegates! throw out this recall petition!

    Dave , please continue the great work you are doing and THANK YOU very much to you and your officers!.......

  11. I thought the Board of Inquiry hearing this morning was moderated as fairly and expeditiously as possible by Dorothy Tetro, who deserves our thanks. I thought the members of the Board did an excellent job of hearing the nine charges brought by Mssrs. Karpf, Grossman, and Solomon; in hearing Dave Israel’s responses to them; in asking questions; in deliberating; and in coming to their decisions.

    I was surprised that after all this time and apparently having the assistance of legal counsel that the three complainants, who have been so disruptive at delegates meetings, did not come up with more specific charges. The charges seemed vague, not supportable by any evidence, opinionated in some instances, and in some cases not even valid charges. It was as if a bunch of kids had put together “complaints.”

    It was apparent to me, and I believe to the Board members and most of the audience, that the complainants were looking worse and worse as each of the first three charges were discussed. I think they realized themselves they were looking bad, and rather than continue to look even worse, they chose to bolt, citing “improper procedures” or the like in order to save some face.

    I think it was a wise decision on Dorothy’s part to continue to discuss charges four through nine after the three had left, since the presence of the complainants and/or the defendant was apparently optional.

    Now this goes to a special meeting of the delegate assembly. I hope it is disposed of quickly and once and for all with Dave Israel having been vindicated.

  12. Every thought I have about the show I iwent to yesterday-------starring THE THREE STOOGES has been said on the above comments. Why don't the3 stooges and all their followers (only a very small minority) MOVE. My kudos goes to Dorothy and the panel, they did a terrific job. My faith is now in the delegates knowing they will vote in favor of David. I wish the rest of us to come up with a plan to get rid of the 3 stooges and get on with more important things. letting David run this village to the best of his ability as he has been doing the last 3 years.....Keep the faith David, you have the vast majority behind you.

  13. This issue should not have been taken to a Board of Inquiry nor should it be entertained by the Delegate Assembly. Much as the complainants appear to be genuinely concerned and very dissatisfied with the current president, it is quite clear from all the documentation and the testimony presented, that there was no basis for a hearing, much less "impeachment proceedings".

    In a very large community such as ours, a meager thirty five signatures alone should not be compelling reason to permit a few individuals to air their displeasure or objections.

    It would seem to me that the moment the three gentlemen walked away from the hearing room, they forfeited the privilege and the opportunity to have their complaints considered any further.
    It also underlines the frivolous nature of their accusations. It would serve no good purpose, therefore, for the Delegate Assembly to continue to address this issue.

    There is so much work to be done at Century Village that we cannot afford to waste valuable time, energy and resources on anger and personal dissent.


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