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Thursday, February 14, 2013

If You Don't Stand For Something, You Will Fall For Anything

PRESIDENTS, DELEGATES AND ALTERNATES be there at the special Delegate Assembly on Friday 9:30am, Feb 15th - the only action is to vote on the recall petition. PUC's latest trick is telling delegates not to sign in. Do not let them drag this on until the sleepy Summer. We can vote against the recall nasty nonsense, and let the village move forward again. Dave does so much for the village, be there for Dave and our village.
Words from Fred H about Dave "Our thoughtful, intelligent and workaholic technowhiz, see what he has done to promote health, education, transparency and true democracy and accountability in CV WPB!"  

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  1. So the people who initiated this despicable recall now want to prevent a vote they coveted. An independent Board of Inquiry heard their claims and found them baseless. Due process now sends this to our Delegates Assembly, and its members will not give up their right to vote so irresponsible people can have more time to trump up more false claims. This disgraceful episode is over. The accusers have lost any smidgeon of credibility they might once have had. Delegates will vote down the recall and we will move on to business worthy of our attention.


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