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Monday, February 11, 2013


I remember turning 16 with excitement in my heart. Oh my lord, I can now get my learners permit!
It was an exciting time for me. Even more so, because my guardians at the time did not know that I went to the DMV and got it. Oh, they let me shift the gears, and even drive on the driveway, which was a pretty good size.
I studied the book, practiced my driving, and my guardians son Dave, a year older than me would take me out at times in his English Ford Cortina.
I even had a girlfriend sixteen miles away and her mom would let me drive her car home. A 1971 Dodge Charger. What a thrill that was. After a time, my neighbor and friend took me for my test in his Buick Skylark. I passed.
I'm sure many of you about there have similar stories. So what happened? Why are there so many people driving around like they never had a lesson or passed their driving test?
It is really simple. STOP MEANS STOP!!!
Does someone really have to be hit and die before the message sinks in?
I ride a motorcycle as well as a car, and I can't count the times people have blown right through stop signs as they never existed.
I carry a small four legged passenger with me, and she would be extremely expensive to replace should someone not pay attention to signs posted and God forbid she gets hurt and passes away from an accident. So, please, stop, look, and look again before you go on.


  1. I'm glad that there is a large police presence in the Village. I think one expensive ticket will cure those drivers who don't stop at stop signs or piggy back. Possibly their eye sight is so poor that they can no longer see the signs! Yeah to the Sheriff's; hope they make mucho $$.

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  3. Police presence is the best solution to the problem, but they cannot be everywhere at the same time. We have learned at Security meetings and and at Delegate Assemblies that multi-tickets have been issued for offenses, many of which are not stopping at Stop signs and they are costly. The Motor Vehicle Bureau continues to issue licenses to people who should no longer be driving. Traffic offenses have been committed since the inception of CV over 40 years ago and I hope and pray that your little passenger, Sadie does not become a victim. There are many, including me, who would be heartbroken were that to occur.

  4. Yea. I noticed stop signs are not big enough for a lot of drivers in CV. We need stop signs the size of billboards like the ones on highways and more Police presence. Hit the law breakers in the wallet. That should work.

  5. Bob:
    We ALL would be Heartbroken, if
    something happened to our "Beloved" all of you out there..
    BREEZING THRU..but then again,
    the blogger's for the most part are
    NOT the PROBLEM!

  6. Looks like these drivers just don't care. They think that stopping is rolling through the stop sign. It's scary watching these residents drive. I am also glad there is a police presence in CV. Many of these drivers shouldn't be driving. Last month we were coming in from the Haverhill gate passing Stratford A and a vehicle was coming straight at us on the wrong side of the road. Lucky for us he/she woke up. Please, if you have a problem driving at night, stay off the road.


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