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Friday, February 15, 2013

What happened to the complainants?

Okay, the village had wasted time on an unnecessary vote.  One yes  vote, five abstain, and everyone else a no vote. The result: David Israel stays in office.
One of the three initiating this fiasco was out of the village taking care of a family member, admirable, the other two didn't have the "cajoles" to even make an appearance. To me, that shows nothing but cowardice, knowing they were defeated before even going in.
They should have had the courage to have at least made an appearance.


  1. Yes, it was a fun, fun fun time this morning!!! I am very glad Dave had a strong positive vote. Perhaps we can all take up a collection to get the three stooges who started this trouble to move OUT of CV.

  2. I have been saying that for weeks. If the 3 stooges AND ANY OF THEIR FOLLOWERS DON'T LIKE IT HERE, MOVE!!!!


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