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Friday, February 15, 2013

Who Is Chris P Bacon?

We need to recuperate .... Back to silly stuff, but I am not going to tell you who - Google it or Utube.  


  1. Chris P. Bacon is indeed soon to be:

    CRISPY BACON !!!!!

    Dave Israel


    I enjoy a simple breakfast of juice, one egg, coffee, toast and jam. A slice of that Chris P. Bacon, too, would be nice. But I have a problem:

    When I was younger, you could buy strawberry jam and get a nice spread that had actual good-sized strawberry lumps in it. Today I can’t seem to find such a thing, at least at Publix. I always thought “jelly” meant no pieces of fruit and jam meant there were pieces of fruit, but it seems not so. I tried a preserve, thinking that might have the pieces of fruit in it. It didn’t. I’ve tried different brands, and no luck there either.

    I’d like to find where I can get the pieces of fruit in strawberry, blackberry and raspberry spreads. Can anyone help me out? If I have to go to another store, I will.

    My congratulations to Dave Israel for the vote of confidence shown him today. I’m glad the “silent majority” came out to support him.

    No insult intended, especially after such an overwhelming vote of confidence, but I don’t think I need any esoteric Madagascan solutions from him about my jam problem……….


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