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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Here is the story about Century Village West Palm Beach that was on CBS.

It includes a few residents and our president, David Israel.  Thanks to the news report, Century Village Real Estate says they can't put their phones down.  Do we see property values going up?  Why to go for free advertising.  :-D

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  1. My mom often said "be careful what you wish for, sometimes you get it." Getting C.V.'s name out there is a good thing. Units selling for 8-10k may even be a good thing. However, given the recent propensity of certain condo corporations to ignore UCO's recommendations concerning the sale/occupancy of units, I am very concerned about the financial stability and background of these new prospective owners. Will the new wave of owners be financially stable? Will there be a growing trend of more condo corporations ignoring UCO's recommendations in an effort to meet the condo's financial requirements?

    As I see it, one of the greatest challenges our leadership here at C.V. faces is establishing some oversight and control over those condo corporations who choose to ignore the rules that have kept our development a beautiful and safe place for over a half of a century.

    The slope is a slippery one when some condos do not "play" by the rules and/or choose to ignore them because they can. After a while others will follow suit.


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