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Sunday, March 3, 2013


In the short space of two months, decision-making bodies have ruled on three fronts affecting the Village.

There will be those who want to carry on the fights, and I respect some of them, but I am glad to have the resolution we have had.

I was on the fence about Mr. Waldman and Reflection Bay. Time will tell whether he was honest about his intentions and whether he has the financial wherewithal to implement his plans. In the meantime I want to welcome him as our new neighbor (new in a way, I mean). I hope he does well. You can accomplish a lot with a neighbor by being friendly. I hope we don’t shoot down the trolley idea prematurely. Yes, there are downsides, especially during the construction phase (maybe for the rest of some of our lifetimes, but like our forefathers, we can plan beyond that, can't we?) Just as slums come gradually into existence, so can renewal.

Dave Israel has been overwhelmingly supported in the attempt to remove him from office. I’m glad for that.

Dave and the vice presidents did not get the 2/3 vote needed to get rid of the UCO term limits bylaw on their positions. With the future in mind, I had some doubts about the wisdom of no term limits (not about Dave). Anita changed my mind in her well-reasoned recent blog posting to my now being against term limits. We lost that bid.

Except for those who pursue these three matters in the courts—or bring them up for vote at a future date—they have been decided. I’d like to see us CVers begin to get along amicably for a change—accept the decisions, embrace one another, think the best (not the worst) we can of one another (none of us is all bad!), and get along. Is this too much to hope for?

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  1. Many thanks to Ken Graff for documenting our recent travails in the UCO Reporter, the photo journal of facial expressions is very interesting.


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