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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Is this ludicrous or what?

 You have someone come to your home, and make a repair, then you try to charge the contractor more than twice as much as he makes because you "supervised" the repair... And you don't even have a contractors license, and if you did, why didn't you do the work yourself? Yet you charge them $40 an hour.
If you happen to plug in a twenty year old television into an electrical socket, and it "shorts out" the television, does not common sense dictate not to plug anything else into that socket until it is checked out? No.... Lets plug in another electrical appliance or tool, oops, that shorted out too... Lets try another....
I don't know about you, but to me that is the greatest mark of stupidity I have ever heard of or seen.
Oh wait....we're not done yet.... Lets charge the association or the contractor for all that damaged stuff. Let's see, how about $329.99 for an old analog tubed television that was left behind by the seller because it was too old....$129.99 for a battery charger and batteries, and $69.99 for an electric brad nailer (an electric staple gun that uses brad nails too)$529.97, but's not over... He has to nerve to charge 6% TAX TOO! That's another $31.80, bringing the total to $561.77!
That's what someone on our HOA board is trying to collect. Now tell me, is this ludicrous or what?
Same person is trying to charge a contractor $2404.00 for "supervising" an electrician doing a job contracted for $1000.00. On top of that, he is trying to charge the contractor $561.77 for the same thing he is trying to charge the HOA for....   Sounds an awful lot like FRAUD to me.
There is also a mention of the association being invoiced $942.54 for painting which they say they did. That is something for the insurance company to recover, but he put that on the bill too.
Hey if I could get someone to do a thousand dollars of work and turn around and charge them  three thousand, eight dollars and thirty one cents, I would have one heck of a mansion on the beach while driving my Rolls Royce...
The nerve!


  1. Oh...the nerve....I just found out, that this same person had the nerve to charge another resident $65 to put two screws into her cabinet to stop the door from wobbling... And it looks terrible... Doing contract work without a contractors license. Hey West Palm Beach, are ya listen'?

  2. People still haven't learned that you MUST use a licensed and insured plumber, electrician, contractor, etc! In my building it is required that any work done is by licensed workers.

  3. By using unlicensed repair persons and contractors, you have no recourse to recoup losses when something goes wrong. And still the practice will continue.

  4. Hi Bob,
    March 28, 2013 at 10:17 AM,

    Dare I ask who we are talking about in this thread?

    Dave Israel

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  6. One of the board members of my building. One I talked to you about.

  7. I opposed this person and so did our treasurer and the other board members blindly followed his lead and voted the treasurer out of office. The same treasurer that has been in office for over ten years. Sorry to say it, but we have a board of cowards that are not willing to do their jobs. I said it before, and I will say it again, if you want to be on the board of your HOA then you must be willing to serve, possibly as an officer, or just to head some committee to do a particular job that needs attention in the building.
    If you are the secretary, then you need to take minutes at each meeting and have them ready for the next time for approval. If you are treasurer, you should be ready with the financial report, if you are the Vice President, you should run any meeting in the absence of the president and be prepared to head up committees form to solve an issure. The president should be overseeing all the matters in the HOA. If you can't get along on a personal basis, then try to get along on at least a semi professional basis. If your meetings can't be held in one of the condos, because of some personal problem with members, then have them in a setting conducive to having a nice orderly meeting... Roberts rules of order are and will be the standard for which a meeting such as this maintains order. Without order there is chaos. And frankly, I am tired of the chaos.


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