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Friday, March 22, 2013

New York Times Feature article on Century village

 Did any one else see the overwhelming positive article in the March 9th New York Times on Century Village .  The feature was called "Too Young To Retire,but These Deals Can,t Wait".
 I have to think that Century Village has reached the the bottom as far as dropping real estate prices go,.I see the prices of Century Village property heading in a positive upward  direction and would urge everyone who wants to buy a "peace of heaven"to, act fast and  tell all your over 55 year old friends up north about the great deals in a great Village. I have one friend and a cousin  who has bought.and two more friends are coming down to look in April

Lenny clarke 351 Northampton R


  1. That was a good article. I will try to find the link.

    Also, catch the short film "Kings Point "- this month on HBO.


    Here it is.

  3. Lenny:
    You must have meant a "Piece" of
    Heaven...however, we have a long
    way to go in this village.
    The article refers primarily to
    Boca, which in its self is a far
    cry, from the ongoing situation
    here, both physical& political.
    There are no problematic areas
    along Lyons or Yamato Rds.
    They also have a Management Company
    running their day to day affairs..
    Costly, but affords the owner/
    resident's "Peace of Mind" -

  4. The interesting part is that that article sparked a news report from CBS 12 on the village.

  5. stwe and i saw the hbo special about kings point last night and we were very surprised at the old infrastructure that was shown. their clubhouse looked like it had never been updated and even the pool that was featured look very old. unfortunately the people that were featured looked as if they were chosen to be part of the film becxause they were older. the film was over a two year span and many of those featured had died. there was no indication that any younger folks like us lived there. we watch the film and were sad .


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