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Friday, March 15, 2013



Please try to remember this because it is germane to the reasons century village is in this quagmire.

In February 2013, the petitioners in the recall of David Israel were invited to an OPEN OFFICER MEETING in which a discussion was to take place on the selection of a board of inquiry. Soon after the meeting started an announcement was made that the meeting was to be closed. The petitioners and their supporters were forced to leave under threat of removal by the sheriff. This act of suppression kept the petitioners and their supporters from discussing or submitting any evidence pertinent to the recall. It was for this reason and this reason alone that no evidence was submitted.

The advisory committee and supporters of Mr. Israel keep harping on the matter of not being given supporting evidence to review. How can the petitioners have given the committee evidence when they were barred from the meeting?

Please remember, no rules were ever established between both parties before the recall hearing; which is unheard of in any legal justice system?

The matter is now in the hands of the legal justice system. Let us allow them to make the final decision in the matter.



  1. Hi All,
    The "evidence" was submitted to UCO in November 2012.

    Once again, it was a 120 page complaint against former LCAM Rodger Carver, having nothing to do with me!

    This complaint was filed with DBPR in Tallahassee with the Division of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).

    To date no action has been taken on this complaint against Mr. Carver by DBPR.

    This complaint was regurgitated at the Board of Inquiry session in our theater, and of course it was deemed non-applicable to my case, not to mention Rodger Carver's right to confidentiality, which the three complainants violated!

    As for the so called "quagmire", it is totally of the Complainants and Plaintiffs (Grossman, Solomon, Karpf) making.

    Hey Olga! keep that copy coming!

    Dave Israel

  2. Hi Olga,


    About no rules being established, not so; they were in place, and were followed to the letter, they are called the UCO Bylaws.

    Give them a read.

    Dave Israel

  3. As far as not being able to give the information to the board of inquiry in advance. It was know that Dorothy Tetro would be leading the board of inquiry, according to the Bylaws. The information could have been given to her at any time to be given to the board. The meeting was called for the selection of the board.

    How would you like it if you were to be discussed in the presence of the entire village as to your ethics. I am not afraid of my ethics being discussed but if you check with the board of any public organization (examples: schools, commissioners, American Red Cross, a closed session is held to discuss the attributes and qualifications of personnel.

  4. Hi Anitra,
    March 15, 2013 at 8:13 PM,

    Precisely correct, and also the opinion of our Attorney Rod Tennyson.

    Dave Israel

  5. Olga, I will say one thing for you: You fight for what you believe in.

    I understand the point you are trying to make, but it seems to me that Dave Israel has repeatedly shown how your argument breaks down. Anitra has said much the same. I will leave it at that (I think!).

    Wishing you a good day, and I am NOT being sarcastic. I truly wish you the best.

  6. If the Village is in a quagmire as you suggest then I suggest it is because of the negativity of people like you, Olga.

  7. Comment by Olga Wolkenstein to
    March 17, 2013 at 9:59 AM

    Dear Grace,

    The village is not in a quagmire due to the negativity of people such as me but to the unfortunate ignorance of people such as you.

    Rather than spewing your venom against me as you have so profoundly done in the past, I suggest you wait until the Court settles this matter.

    It would be most embarrassing for you to have to eat crow in front of a large audience.

    Olga Wolkenstein

  8. Never ceases to amaze me how some people think they are never wrong. I wasn't around for the last time, but I hear it cost seven hundred thousand....
    Just out of curiosity, where did that money go?
    And I would like to hear the whole story behind that one.

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  10. Just goes to show you, Olga, that there is only a very small number of malcontents in the village. You should all start a club. You deserve each other!

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  12. Grace

    I don't know your email address
    so please do not think that I was
    ignoring you. Five people have
    asked me to join so I thank you
    for thinking of me and one of the
    people was my grandaughter and
    that is why I have to say no to
    you. I was very honored that
    you thought of me

  13. Olga Wolkenstein sends the following Comment:
    Dear Nutmeg,

    It’s time to go back to Connecticut and sleep it off.

    Olga Wolkenstein

  14. This Comment comes from Olga Wolkenstein.
    To Lanny Howe,

    I know you mean well but David Israel and his confederate army had been degrading and calling me names for the world to see since he started his blog.
    Until recently, I have not used the Internet because I wanted to keep our dirty linen in the house by airing my grievances via the UCO Reporter and the delegate assembly. But, enough is enough.
    I have decided to fight fire with fire and am going to show David and all his supporters the same vindictiveness they have shown me in the past.
    I will have no mercy in exposing their treacherous lies.
    Olga Wolkenstein


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