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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Olga sends the following:
Much has been said about the recall of David Israel, and I would like to clarify a very important issue which occurred the day of the recall.
This was the dismissal of evidence presented before the committee by the petitioners. When the petitioners handed the committee their supporting evidence, they took a brief look at it and announced it was related to Roger Carver and not David Israel; they dismissed the evidence without looking at it further. On the first page of the evidence was a cover letter which read in part:
Attached, please find a copy of a complaint between UCO and M&M Asphalt. I wish said documents to be entered into the Board of Inquiry’s record concerning Mr. Israel, as Mr. Carver’s alleged errors and omissions covered therein occurred under Mr. Israel’s auspices and authority as President, and in part form the basis of the petition.
If the committee had taken the time to view the evidence as presented, they would have realized the complaints against David Israel, and Roger Carvers were interrelated and as such too numerous to be examined in such a short time. In all fairness, they would have had to postpone the recall to examine the evidence. This never happened.
I just returned from jury duty in which the jurors were questioned by both parties in what is known as Voir dire (the truth). One of the reasons for Voir dire is to ascertain juror impartiality; this did not occur for the case of the recall of David Israel, and this is one of the main reasons for the lawsuit
Olga Wolkenstein


  1. Hi all,
    Yes indeed, thanks for finally admitting that the "evidence" was a complaint previously filed with DBPR against LCAM Rodger Carver.
    Said complaint being so spurious. that DBPR took NO action against our former LCAM.
    Clearly this null & void complaint, regurgitated for effect at the Board of Inquiry, had no relation to me whatsoever.
    Additionally, exposing the unproven complaint to the Board of Inquiry members would have been a gross violation of Rodger's rights.
    This complaint was simply a smear attempt, and clearly actionable by the our former LCAM.
    Dave Israel

  2. The complaint was BS Olga. You stood up and stage and you voted NO to get rid of David. Get a life!

  3. Your name is knon to many who attend the Delegate Meetings. You
    make it a point to get the mike in
    your hands to express issues that have nothing to do with the issues
    being debated. All you are doing
    is airing dirty linen and you claim
    that David Israel and the Editorial
    Staff of the UCO Reporter are
    prohibiting certain informative
    articles from being printed in the
    UCO Reporter. Olga, I think you
    better get read and honest and
    instead of tearing David Israel
    stop andthink how great it is to
    live in one of the greatest gated
    communities in West Palm Beach
    called Century Village who is one
    of the best President at CV

  4. Comment from Olga Wolkenstein

    As always, I am forced to correct the information you are feeding your minions.

    The evidence against Roger Carver involved you as well. Roger Carver worked under you. You were his boss and were responsible in his actions. Unless of course, you deny this then it can only mean you were asleep at your computer while Roger ran haywire throughout Century Village.

    Which is it Dave? Were you his boss or were you asleep at your computer?

    Oh, by the way, I am giving you an academy award for your ability to twist the truth.

    Because of your lies and subterfuge, I am now convinced that you are a composite of a Jekyll and Hyde personality.

    It is unfortunate that so many people do not see this.

    Olga Wolkenstein

  5. To Ignoramus Olga:

    If anyone i Jekly & Hyde it is
    definitely you and if anyone is
    twisting the truth you better
    look at yourself because you do
    not know right from wrong because
    of yourstupidity.

  6. The following comment is from Olga Wolkenstein.
    David and Grace,

    The Roger Carver complaint which you say is null and void is alive and well. It is a valid complaint which is still under investigation.

    As or you, GRACE, you had better gotten a brain, I did not vote “NO” to keep David Israel. I did not vote period. I was on stage acting as an observer. Get your facts straight.

    Olga Wolkenstein

  7. Interesting.... I have always heard and agree with the saying "if you don't vote, you have no right to complain."
    Interesting indeed.


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