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Friday, March 29, 2013

The Beautiful side of our village

There are a lot of serene and lovely sights around our village if we just take a moment, stop and look.

These were taken behind Camden A one evening.  


  1. Hi Anitra,

    Is this not the rare and elusive Andalusion Fowl??

    Even more arcane that the Mozambique Purple??

    Alert the media!!

    Dave Israel

  2. The top photo is of a great blue heron. The bottom photo is too indistinct for me to tell. Not everything is a Mozambique Purple, you know, Boss. (Or an Andalusion Illusion, or whatever.)

  3. The bottom one is the Great Blue Heron. I had tried to catch him in flight across the canal but wasn't fast enough.

  4. Thanks, Anitra. It looked like a Great Blue (having flown to the other side), but I wasn't sure. In any event neither bird was the Purple Mozambique, which is a real bird I found out when I doubted Mr. Israel a while back, only to find out he was right. He is enamored of this bird for some reason.

  5. We do, indeed, have a beautiful lake that attracts heron, Ibis, ducks and other water fowl. unfortunately, the present chemical water treatment is making our lake and canals unattractive for fish, which will eventually send our fowl in serve of cleaner waters. No today, not next year, but if we continue to look for chemical, rather natural solutions, we can soon say good-bye to our beautiful water fowl.

  6. Hi Lanny,
    April 1, 2013 at 4:05 AM,

    I have no particular love of The Mozambique Purple, nor did I mean to imply that the pictured avian biped was a Mozambique Purple!

    It was my intention to draw the readers attention to the arcane relationship between the Andalusian Fowl; particularly, the Blue Andalusian Fowl and the Great Blue Heron!

    The proof is left to the student!

    Dave Israel

  7. There is no significant relationship between the Andalusian Blue Fowl (or chicken) and the Great Blue Heron, other than that they are birds, lay eggs and can fly. (And do their poops.) First of all, the Great Blue is not really blue. As for the Andalusian Blue, if you would like, Dave, I can order some hatching eggs to be sent to you--my treat. They ship regular Ground UPS. I'll have to order several, because only a percentage turn out to be blue. Trust me, they are arcane. I would only send you arcane..................


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