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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Esther's reply

Bob, I see that you are angry, so much so that some of what you write is not clear, but you play unfair. You put your answer on Dave's blog and I cannot even respond there due to Dave's removal of my husband from the site because he thought my writings were his, so how are people to see an answer.
Play fair and get me on the other blog so I can post an answer to you there. I read over what Olga has on her blog - and by the way, I do not know Olga and she has no clue as to who I am either, so there is no bias here one way or the other.
Anyway, in reading what there is on her blog, the worst I see is that Olga calls eating with Dave worse that supping with the Devil. OK - so that is an expression, not really venomous. As for what was said verbally, as a principal I found the he said- he said accusations among the kids were actually a third version of well, we both said .
I am still not seeing any reason why anyone has to be mean in tone. Anger, strong words and feelings - these I can understand as we all live here and feel strongly about our home. I would even be willing to meet and talk with you all, maybe actually clear up some items, although I am afraid that the way temperatures around here are rising that it would deteriorate into a shouting match.
Yelling is easy. Patience and listening and trying to see the good or relevant points in another's statement shows maturity, and by the way, Olga did say that Dave has done some good things too. In any case, yelling gets us nowhere except for increasing temper tantrums and shouting at each other with no one hearing.
Please, for the sake of all of us, for the sake of those of us who live here, our year round home with no other place to run to, for the sake of the elderly elderly among us who cannot go anywhere - please can we all sit down , write a list to give to each other, answer in calm language, in writing so there is no yelling and no capital letter screams either.
Let the words and the belief behind them speak for themselves. Worth a shot? And how sad that no one will see my first post or my answer because of blockage from Dave's blog. Play fair.

My reply:
Well if supping with the devil is not a venomous reply, then I will go that route. My contempt for a hypocrite is now just a little more than I can stomach. 
I am a patient man. I can even be patient with ignorance and stupidity, but my patience with a spitting peace protester is nil. I would recommend she join that church that goes to the funerals of our brave patriots to protest, but even she doesn't qualify for them.
Shame, she would fit in so well. 
I consider myself a true patriot. I fought for her right to spew all the communistic rhetoric she can say. I believe in the right of free speech, the right to bear arms, to free from want, and to be represented in our government by a person of our choosing.  


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